Carbon Mitigation

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Instructor: Prof. Nicolas Gruber ()


The reduction of carbon emissions (mitigation) required in order to stabilize climate (e.g., at 2°C above preindustrial) is one of the greatest challenges that humankind is facing in the coming decades. This challenge is not only of technical nature, but involves all levels from basic natural science questions and economical aspects all the way to the question whether our society is ready for the next industrial revolution. In this inter(trans)disciplinary course, we will look into all of these issues in a spotlike manner, thus obtaining a broad-level understanding of the complexity and interdependency of the carbon mitigation challenge. 

The course includes introductory lectures, presentations from guest speakers from industry and the public sector, and a set of final presentations by the students. The latter are organized as hearings and are based on a number of case studies. 


available through ILIAS (only for enrolled students)


The course is graded on a pass/no pass level. Credits are awarded on the basis of the participation in the group presentation & discussion and a written summary of the specific point of view taken by the student in the hearing. 

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